Bergamo- The Search For The Little Quaint Restaurant

Lorenna and I arrived into Milano and searched for our little food adventure outside of this busy city. Due to trains departure times and wanting to make full use of our stay, we excitedly settled on Bergamo. It sounded awfully exciting being an old medieval town perched on a hilltop. We boarded the train which took us 40 km northeast of Milano. It took well over an hour. Our friendship in part, is based a great deal on trying new flavors for our palette. When we catch up its always among great cuisine and wine. They say, food nourishes the soul. To us it also nourishes the friendship.

Throughout the journey on the crowded train, as less people remained on board with each on coming station, we both took glances out through the window periodically and it seemed like we were headed to the middle of nothingness. It truly got more desolate the further we were from Milano. As the train finally pulled up to the station, we looked at each other and laughed! “Where the fuck are we?”

A complete stranger unbeknownst to us, had listened to our conversation. She later explained she was an exchange student, studying at a university nearby and had previously gone abroad to practice English. She noticed our expressions and turned to speak to us. ” I know this station looks empty, you should go to the city”. With that said, Chiara( now my facebook friend) took it upon herself to lead us to the bus stop to take the train up to the “Città alta” ( upper city). The bus took many turns around the hill and as we headed up the foggy landscape, our face lit up when we saw 17th century walls. We had definitely arrived in a Medieval town. Chiara excused herself and explained she had to rush for class. We bid our goodbyes and thanks. ” I love Italians” I muttered under my breath and counted our blessings. So it begins now, our food hunt for the best in town.

We explored the quaint little town in search of our a quaint little restaurant to savor its local fare. We compared all the menus along the piazza and beyond. The patter of rain and the echoes of our empty bellies heightened our search.  It wasn’t long before we settled on Vineria Cozzi. It’s appearance stayed true to its origins. The menu looked heavenly, it offered local food and the great variety of wine on the shelf cordially welcomed us. We eventually decided upon  five local dishes to share. Being the wine connoisseurs that we are not and after scrutinizing each bottle for familiar words,we decided upon a bottle that bore tacky love hearts on the bottle. We both looked at each other instantaneously, our hysterical laughter resonated throughout the restaurant. So it was decided. The ugly hearts bottle upon the ‘wine wall’ beat out the rest of the Chardonnays’ and Pinot Noirs’ based purely on its intricate tackiness. We relished our first taste. The wine wasn’t too bad after all!

As the food arrived we tasted each dish enthusiastically. We spoke for hours only stopping to savor the taste from each bite. Food, wine and great conversation. A perfect way to catch up! 🙂