Lingerie Shoot With JL

What an exciting day for me. The satisfaction I derived in bringing out the inner model which had been hiding inside her. This chameleon is JL, who’s glimmer encouraged me want to put her in front of my camera. The twinkle in her eye, her vivacious spirit, the quiet confidence, all which appealed to me. Her hidden forte only to be unravelled now.

It’s my task to translate it all, on my camera. Shooting lingerie can go from class to crass in two seconds. I have to push the subject but real it in just to the right level. The styling, the pose, the angle, lighting, framing of the picture. There are a lot of considerations. My Aesthetic is not one of mans’ magazines. My task for the shoot is to make both men and women fall in love with her. Enough naughty and sex appeal, but not overtly desperate. For men to have a visual feast. For women to admire the image without being completely put off. I hope I have achieved this goal. The first series is entitled THE LAST TEMPTRESS. She is a hot-blooded women. Her confidence, face and body are her weapons of mass seduction.

The second series is entitled KONICHIWA NUSHI. ‘Konichiwa’ is hello in Japanese. The word ‘Nushi’ has a multiple of meanings. It can mean owner, master, lover or god. This concept is my modern twist on the  Japanese Geisha. She is playful and a performer, enticing her ‘nushi’ with her girlish allure. A lolita on the inside, but a women on the outside.