Behind the scenes- Dessert shoot in the sandstorm.

The adventurous day started at 10 am when we drove in 2 big four wheelers to the baron dessert bound with leather chairs, balloons, props and wardrobe. It was quite a nice sight, as it reminds me of my childhood ,heading to garage sales and picking up pieces and filling the car with them. With a big grin upon our early morning faces and tummies filled with coffee, we continued our journey for about an hour until I felt the ridiculous pangs of the coffee taking effect. I wasn’t the least worried peeing towards the view of oncoming trucks behind a security post but I should have an inkling on how the shoot was going to be in this weather, since the flow of my ocean flew 90 degrees instead of straight down into the sand. A little wind was all we had asked for to make the shots more dynamic, but not a sandstorm! Something I’ve learnt is that when shooting outdoors, all is at the mercy of mother nature.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere and went out on the hot sand barefoot to source for the location. It wasn’t barely 10 minutes when we found our perfect location perched in between several dessert dunes. It offered us the sliding cascades and it was ideal. We proceeded to set up the scene for the first and second look. While the boys are busy setting up the scaffolding for me to shoot from, I tested a few shots and here are some of them.

With a map in hand, some imagination and patience, it all came together setting up the map of Australia with red rope. A moment that brought a smile to my face. I’m not entirely homesick or patriotic but I can’t help but feel a little longing when my country of birth is being constructed in front of my eyes. If it were not for my sand prints ( we forgot to take a broom), I would have willingly laid on top of Melbourne even if only for a while. :0)

The following are some of the behind the scenes shots taken at the shoot, in between outfit changes, prop set-ups and lunch break.