Pashupatinath- The Last Photographic Moments Of A Dead Girl.

Once again I am going to Nepal. This time I will be exploring Pokkara in several weeks. It’s a country I find peace within. Travelling though life, a constant journey to self discovery, this holy land offers sights and sounds unique like no other that I have felt so far. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at these photographs that I took from my previous journey to Nepal.  Sometimes if I am lucky while travelling, I learn a thing or two about life. Instead of wishing for the latest model of Blackberry, how about wishing for good health? I am not without fault, far from it, but sometimes we do need reminders of how much we take life for granted. I took these images of a dead girl. An angel in my eyes. So angelic even in death. I was shooed away several times by the relatives and I understand their despair, however I was determined to shoot her. Even in death, I felt an obligation to take her photo. It’s hard to describe. I had to immortalize her.

Pashupatinath Nepal. The Place of the biggest hindu temple in the world. People come here to pray and people come here to cry.The land of mourn and loss and also holy pilgramage. The deceased are brought here to be cremated….

The river is believed to be holy and it flows to the Ganges. Women of the deceased are not allowed to be around when the bodies are being burnt. They have to retreat in a compound where they will stay for weeks with other women also mourning the loss of family. Before the deceased is placed on the alter, they are placed upon the riverbanks, feet touching the water.

There they will remain untill all relatives have come and paid their last respects…such is a little girl I captured on film. Gone before her time…

 Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust.