Backstage at Lady googoo Gaga’s shoot.

SO it finally happened. It was planned 6 months ago to shoot little Lady googoo Gaga while she was still in mummy’s tummy, but it was only four months into her new world where we finally got it off the ground. It certainly was interesting to me as I’ve never shot babies professionally before. In between breast feeds, naps and baby vomit, Ella Paige performed like a truly experienced cover girl. She would throw me a single raised eyebrow and stare into my camera with her marble doll-like eyes. she makes me smile. But in the next pic she clearly is a little startled. 🙂

As with any final product of a beautiful picture, the true excitement really comes with its dramas backstage. No it wasn’t the weather, the lighting, egos, mood swings or vicious catfights. This was just the makings of a little girl being tossed around, sleepy hungry all rolled into one! Poor thing, she even vomited a few times when I asked Shannon ( her mum) to jump with her in tow! Getting her attention became quite a spectacle with Alista ( my assistant, baby’s favourite and mummy’s babysitter all rolled into one) squeaking a toy above my head while waving his arms attempting to get her to look into the camera was certainly quite amusing.  Sorry if anyone looks unprepared  in the shots, its pure entertainment. Enjoy this goo goo gaga of a shoot!