Favorite Picks From Five Editorial Looks

Bree arrived fresh faced on the day of the shoot and I took a few shots her in natural state before her transformation into her various looks. People say she looks like Janice Dickenson in her 20’s. What do you reckon?

Bree the fashionista, was easy to photograph. This girl lives and breathes fashion and I love the passion in her.  She exudes a natural sex appeal and with just a push of her chest and the curve of her back, the angles project beautifully. I used a tinge of yellow lights to give her skin a glow and to emphasize and intensify the body silhouette.


Look 2 Levitation

I kept the shadowing effect on some of her jumps to create a ‘fuzzy’ effect. Due to the The color palette of this outfit, I wanted some shadow to add to the dimension and depth within the almost mono-chromatic colors.


This must be one of the more original shoots that I have done in terms of styling and creating the look and feel of the SNOW WARRIOR. I ended up with lots of great shots but a lot of them were of Bree standing, so I opted for the ones where she is not vertical ;0) I actually might go back through my photos and add one more to this collection. hmmm. In case where you are wondering where the backdrop is, its in jukkasjarvi Sweden. I captured those images last year. I will post a separate post of that gorgeous place sometime later.


This shot has got to be my favorite shot of them all.  We nearly did not use this dress in the initial selection, I had to have those shoes in my shoot so this dress was a perfect accompaniment. Lets face it, its the shoes that is the star of the look. I loved the sun, the sweat and the industrial setting for this shoot. Bree couldn’t have done a better job at evoking the moment. She’s turned up the volume on this one. My favorite shoot.


What a good way to end the day at the water. I love the colors and the bronzed sun kissed skin. The last photo of the day turned out to be one of the best with city buildings in the back. Phew what a day! Time to pack my stuff now, I am heading to Spain. Will update more soon. I hope you all enjoyed the photos as much as I did taking them. Ciao for now!