Its confirmed. I’m shooting my first CD single cover! 

Salute little Earthlings!

I know its been a long month of absence from here but I have several reasons. I was busy in Spain. Tenerife, Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona to be exact. Oh I almost forgot to mention a little detour to Marrakech as well. I am still busy doing post production of it all but it would be up soon. I ask for forgiveness with a great fat surprise! I’ll be shooting my first CD cover before the year is over!!! She is with Gotta Keep Faith Records and Farplane Records. I am unable to reveal too much right now but the artiste is Asha Edmund! A mesmerizing vocalist with her unique concoction of Electronica/ Dance/ R&B and soul.  2 of her tracks Oblivion and Carry me over,  have been added to! I am super stoked! I think it gives the site another dimension. You can purchase her music without inhibition at act=search&ss=asha+edmund&sc=artists&cf=all&gf=0 .

I promise to update more in the comings weeks. Keep the light shining!

Bites and Spanks,