A Pursers Farewell Pictorial


Bridgit had spent a good five and half years working in Abu Dhabi as a flight attendant and in a blink of an eye, with a new job in tow in Australia, she realized she needed to capture some moments of herself and the city she loved to remember by. We planned a date when we were both available and she knocked on my door at around eight am all dressed up and ready to go! It was important to her take I capture the familiar sights of the city that she adored. Places she passed by daily on the drive to work and back as well as things such as signboards and of course the labourers which make up a big ratio of the population. We stopped by several places but I’ve selected the following images here as my favourite picks of the shoot.

The roads in Abu Dhabi are forever changing, construction everywhere. This man had something to do with it.

A Gem. A man scratches his nuts while another points a finger. Ahhh The daily sights of Abu Dhabi.

One cannot miss this grandeur while travelling to and from the airport to the city.

Emirates Palace. An Icon in the city.

I just couldn’t resist this little man finding shade under the scorching mid summer sun.

Last minute touch ups before she heads to her briefing room.

Bridgit prepares herself mentally for the day ahead.

A classic ending photo for this pictorial. A smiling flight attendant walking through the airport.

All the best wishes to Bridgit in her future endeavors. Who knows?…I may even see her in another pictorial in another uniform someday.