Beirut Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon holds many secrets and treasures and its capital Beirut was referred to as “Paris of the Middle East.” With a trip to Byblos, Harissa and Jeita Grottos I realized I only scratched the surface of what this city had to offer to the discerning traveller. It’s a city of stark contrasts of modern architecture sandwiched between war-torn buildings. The memory and reminder of war echoes throughout the streets although I felt very safe walking though them. Taking photos of military personels or buildings that have been affected by the war are forbidden, which is why I could not resist myself to capture some of those shots.

The locals treated me and Edwina like old friends, although we had just met. The laughter, energy and spirit of the Lebanese contributes to the vibrant nightlife which it is renowned for.

I’ll come back again, but next time I ‘ll pack warmer and head up to the ski slopes I’ve heard so much about!