Runner up in Global Photography Competition for Planet Magazine.

Planet Magazine’s Global Travel Photography Competition 2011.

I nervously entered myself into a Global contest not telling a soul as I wanted to see how I stood with the big boys on the International level. Especially since all the judges are industry professionals from New York, where I would be diving into the deep end, head on, sometime in the not too distant future.

This image was captured in Cusco Peru. I perched onto the side-walk in the main square with my camera steady on my palm. I have come to learn with travel photography, it just takes one second before that moment is gone forever. I was like a predator, ready, just waiting for that one chance. While I was concentrating scanning the faraway surroundings, I saw this petite women, not more than 5 feet tall, hidden by layers of thick clothing, walk across from me. It seemed like one of her legs was shorter than the other as she limped to a nearby bench. She was in deep thought and her gaze was focused on something in the distance. She was oblivious to all that was around her. With a heavy exhale, she sat on the wooden bench. Slowly she un-ravelled a sack that was on her back, while a little baby emerged from it crying. She began to breastfeed the little child. I took countless shots of her breastfeeding, but it was this shot when she had placed the child down but left her bosom exposed while looking into the distance that captured the essence of the moment. She carried a secret in her eyes, a secret in her gaze that I wanted so much to know. Such an exquisite elf like creature, beautiful, sad yet resilient. I realize now writing this, that this is an ongoing theme in a lot of my images I’ve photographed in the past.

Peruvian Dreams – Cusco

Well I did not win 1st prize but I feel like I did. I am happy with the outcome as this is my first photo competition. I do sometimes feel like the under dog amongst my peers who all have some form of training in photography. I am completely self-taught but this gives me the courage to do more to get my name out there. I am now braver and am still learning to let that all go,to trust my inner instinct.