Barcelona – For my love of genius Antoni Gaudi.

Everyone who knows me, knows my love for the work of Antoni Gaudi. When posed with the question, if you were to invite anyone in history to a dinner party who would you invite? One of them would be this legend. His monuments of fantasy are thought-provoking and always arouses my interests. Why is it in this shape? Why did he choose this component in his structures? Every attention to his details has a thought and meaning to it. I could spend hours in one location and find new discoveries. I learnt so much and got to touch and feel his magic. I sound like a crazy fan but I am!!

His inspirations always come from nature and I spent 5 days in Barcelona venturing to each and every one of his works. Not all are in this album as it was rather difficult shooting such famous icons without hordes of tourists being in each frame. My pet peeve is photographing anything with tourists in sight, which makes it extremely hard to capture that perfect shot. I am not going to explain much about Gaudi himself as most people should already know or have studied him. Here are some of my favorite shots of his infamous works of art.