Traveling by sea plane to Sir Baniyas Island.

Some time ago I had an actual weekend off which is quite rare,  so as a treat , I booked and boarded my first sea plane that landed in the ocean on route to Sir Baniyas Island for a little retreat and to observe some wild life. Big thrill for me indeed! I included some shots taken from a shaky point and shoot camera but I kept most of my memory stick on video taking the take off and landing. Absolutely loved it. I didn’t realize surrounding Abu Dhabi are such nice getaways. It’s nice to see such beautiful waters when currently its 50 degrees outside my window and I compare myself to a duck confit slowly being cooked in an oven.  I rarely see any dogs and cats roaming free in the city of Abu Dhabi. Spotting any traditional Arabian species is almost zero to non. So coming here to view the local species did not disappoint my curious mind. But first some tropical aerial shots of what I saw from the Cessna sea plane.

After being hulled in onto the Island, I was met with a South African tour guide which gave me a map and told me to write my name onto a wooden plague, which later I realized was the tradition here. For every human that comes to the Island, a mangrove plant will be planted to preserve the natural habitat. I won’t post any shots of me attempting to snorkel in quite turbulent seas or kayaking amongst the mangroves which was one of the highlights of my stay. Instead here are some of the Arabian species and not so Arabian animals like the giraffe, which have been sectioned off on another part of the island separating the local animals from the others.

So why are the giraffes pink you say? lt’s my artistic prerogative on their segregation by humans with the other animal species on the Island.