Solo Skydive at 14,000 Ft.

I headed out to the dive site  the night before for training. I did not want my first dive to be of someone shoving out of the mothership like cattle. I preferred to jump out on my own free will.  The overnight stay at Nagambie re-instated my utter disgust for 8 legged creepy crawlies.  I wasn’t very pleased when spiders sky-dived out of their webs on the upper corners of the wretched bunk beds unto a cushy landing, my sleeping bag. Still I couldn’t sleep much anticipating the events of the next day. I dug out an old entry i had…

Post from my diary entry  :

After a lifetime of wishing to jump out of a plane I finally had the chance in the town of Nagambie, a little out of Melbourne. I decided if i was to do it that i wouldnt cop-out and do a tendem.The real test is jumping out of the plane on your own accord, not someone shoving u out with them strapped to your back. So Mum and Terry dropped me off the day before, where i went though a few hours of practical and briefing. Had a wonderful dinner afterwards with like-minded individuals and interesting conversation.There was even a grandma  jumping with me the next day. It was her birthday present from her children and they all came to support her. All of us retired to bed early in the cobwebbed filled bunks. Utterly uncomfortable, but this experience wasnt supposed to be a honeymoon.
Mum and Terry came back early next morning to see my go up the plane to 14,000,jumped and flew for 10,000 ft to pull my parachute at 4,000 ft. I guided myself back to the base and landed on my butt! who gives I was Riding the Adrenaline!!

The Feeling while going up on the plane – 15 mins of doubts and wondering if my parachute would open.

The feeling while jumping out of the plane- Surprisingly i did not allow myself to hesitate. 

The feeling while free-falling Serenity and dreamy. The Earth looked like Lego blocks and falling was very peaceful. 

hope u enjoy the pics as much as i have skydiving…

Terry informed me 2 months later an instructor had died at the same base as both his parachute and his emergency chute failed to open.He died doing what he loved. How many times can someone say that?

So here are the awesome pics. The video is a lot cooler but still figuring out how to upload that here. Enjoy my free fall!

In case you wondered, After I pulled the chute and was steering myself to the landing site I landed like a 007 in training…on my butt.