The Songstress

Michelle approached me months ago to shoot her and we arranged to meet after one of her sessions at the studio. Photographing musicians require a little extra. I have to bring forth the personality of the artiste into the frame. It’s not about clothes, hair and makeup that take precedence in this case but more of a portraiture, creating an artistic re-presentation of that person. I wanted to create a soft, approachable, feminine look to represent her personality. I used plenty of gloss and girly effects in the post production to achieve that.

During the shoot I was in for a treat when she belted out tunes while fondling the piano. It reminded me of one of my shoots, photographing Yew Nam in Singapore with Portraits of a Violinist . I have always had an affinity with musicians. I relish the rebel in them and understanding the dedication that goes into honing the craft, coming from a theatre background myself. She won me over with her rendition of ‘Take me or leave me’ from one of my favorite musicals RENT. In an instant, I was sold. The energy bounced off the space creating some great shots in that raw moment. I will admit I may have dragged it a little longer just for my pleasure.

I’m posting a few of my picks from that day.

In the famous words of Jonathan Larson, the creator of RENT. ” The opposite of war isn’t peace, its creation”.