Slave To Food. ( Remixed For Your Pleasure )


This is my forte. Where my love of photography stems from. Hedonistic? absolutely.

To photograph myself as fucked up as I choose is liberating. Through self portraits I have the vehicle to express my thoughts at that time with myself and with the world, to merge fantasy with reality. What others may classify as being morbid, ugly, strange, hedonistic or provocative are all elements that make essentially…

In this series I play with the idea of humans being a slave to food. I shall allow the photos to speak to you in its own way. However I will say why I used a sliced open watermelon.

One – because it looks phallic.

Two – it also represents the ‘health’ conscious. My photos never exclude any groups. har!

Three – It’s big enough to fit my head in. You should all know by now how I like to put my big head in places. Refer to previous self-portrait BRAINWASHED .

Four – because its Ramadan in this country and getting a suckling pig on a rotisserie was unavailable.