Why live on the edge when I could jump off it at the World’s highest Bungy at 233 meters / 764 feet.

With friends that I have asked, they have all at some stage, created a list of something to conquer at least once in a lifetime. My to do list before I die and go straight to hell on the fast track lane ( I’ve added more since then ) was to Sky Dive and Bungy Jump. While I already sky dived at this time, I knew when I eventually grew some iron balls to make the leap,  I had to source for the world’s highest Bungy Jump certified by Guinness World Records I could dive from . If I was going to do it, it had to be at the highest platform I could find. There was only one singular place which fulfilled my expectations. With my decision made, I flew off to Macau which currently holds to record as the highest Bungy Jump site. Arriving via a much relaxed trip from Hong Kong, I began my dance. My tango with fate.

As ordained, the waiting before the dive was immense. My mind was spinning at speeds I wasn’t aware I was capable off. I clearly recall to myself to NOT close my eyes when I stepped over the edge. Without much thought when the rope was thrown over, I took the leap. The free fall took about 6 seconds then I rocketed the tower at close to 200km/hour! I came about thirty meters off the ground before rebounding back up like a rag doll. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaarrrr! Fuck me.

Never have I ever been so in-secure yet certain, not even while jumping out a plane sky diving. The following shots show my endeavor second by second in slow motion. Looking at it now I still get that fuzzy feeling.

Thus concludes another adventure ticked off the list. I even bought the  T-shirt, so when I am an old sympathetic wreck I will still be able wear it to the local town pub with a wide grin.