Snow Mobiling Along The Arctic Circle.

On my snow mobile zapping through lush white forest, frozen rivers, over vast nothingness and near darkness. Our only light source was from our vehicle illuminating the glistening path before us. The splendor of nature revealed its glory with each climb and swerve. Some love cars or flashy bikes, I love snow mobiles. A super sonic machine on white terrain.

To immortalize this night, I attempted to capture some shots while on the speed demon. One hand clenched firmly on the accelerate and the other on the clicker of a simple point and shoot camera. Most shots are not clear but it illustrates the essence of the journey. Steering the vehicle while my other hand on the trigger is something I have to practice in -25 degree conditions. Photographing with thick insulated gloves require some getting used too. Frustrated, I often took them off to snap. My body was riding on adrenaline through the Arctic Circle Trail. I travelled on a route taken by many explorers before my time. There are few moments in life I have to pinch myself. This was one long wet dream I did not want to wake from. I glanced through my helmet, pass the thick foliage up to the dark sky and thanked the universe for being alive.

Checking weather conditions before heading out.

 Explorers In The Night.

 My Joyride.

 Over Bumps, Narrow Paths and Snow.

Single file descending down slopes.

 A Sign In The Middle Of Nowhere.

 My XL Helmut. My size ain’t no Secret.

 We spotted a vague wave of green in the night sky, so I quickly prepped myself to what could become a full fledge flare. Now I wait.

                                                                                                                                                                                          My ‘Ice’ lashes.

My finale to the night. I just love the night life! My kind of after party!! I am leaving the rest of my photographs of the Northern Lights in my future post “Chasing Aurora Borealis”. I chase it in cars for days beginning from Tromso. Till next time, don’t ever lose your sense of wonder for life!