Caged Shark Diving In Cape Town.


What the heck is caged shark diving? Non of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. Four of us braced ourselves and headed out into the open seas. Jeremy and I eagerly changed into our dive suits while Ludwig and Graham photographed from above. It worked out quite well since my disposable under water camera which I bought in a jiffy failed to capture anything spectacular. All of these shots were captured from above. Meanwhile both of us were squashed in a cage and was told to keep our limbs inside the bars while the crew poured fish guts and blood into the ocean to  antagonize the shark. I gracefully ( jumped in a frantic splash) submerged myself into the ocean. It was cold and fishy. All I remember was my right arm went through past the grills and in a nano second a big grey object was swirling sideways towards my limb. I retracted in time to see the inside of a sharks gaping jaw. Yikes! That was a little more interaction than I was keen to share.

I backed into the bars and  instinctively flashed my camera into blue nothingness. I shockingly  inhaled a big mouthful of bloody water and fish guts while trying to stabilize myself. sexy. Upon developing the pictures, I guess the predator was just ‘not camera ready’.

The remainder of my trip was spent burping vile breath to whoever was within 5 feet radius.

Here is the view from above.

Okay, this was from the poster but what the hell!