Tauromachy In Madrid.

Memorable photographs should always ignite a thought or emotion to the viewer. It’s predictable to associate blood and death in types of photography often seen in press with a singular point of view of pain and death. I set out on this subject matter to create an art piece as a pose to just taking a photograph. I immerse in the fantasy of the costumes but also the horrific lament of the bull. While I stand firm about my own opinions about this spectator sport, it is my duty to portray it in a manner that allows the viewer to decipher their own stance on this matter. With the evolution of humans into the new millennia, we fight to hold on to what we consider culture identity and what we consider to be barbaric notions of the last century. When I get to exhibit this, I would paint over these photographs with a mixture of paint and bulls blood. On opening night, I would serve both beef and vegetarian canapés. Which would you choose?

The blood drawn sword has spoken.

Out With The Dead.

In With The New.

One Between The Eyes.