Mount Everest Mountain Flight.

 The little propeller plane arrived unto the runway on time to take me up to Mount Everest. I Can’t help but have a chuckle when I read the name. He he!

I scrutinize the alighting passengers face to find out if they had fun.

Sorry for the bad angle air hostess, I had to stay seated and fasten my seatbelt remember!

I squeezed down the tiny single aisle to my seat to realize there were only a total of 16 seats in the cabin!

We were given a map to spot all the tallest mountains, some sweets and a bottle of water. After pointing out the exits for emergency,we were ready for take off. The propellers started spinning and the entire aircraft gyrated in rhythm like a college kid gone wild at Spring break. Where is the nearest exit again?  

Up And Away We Go! !

So close. So Surreal.

The Magnificent Himalayas. Home Of The Highest Mountain Range In The World.

 I thought I’d snap the lovely female Nepali first officer as each of us took turns to enter the flight deck to take some pictures of the scenery upfront.

“There are 8 mountains in the region that are higher than 8,000 metres above sea level. Some of which are here”, she said.

“I’ll never get used to the scenery. The colors that change every  hour.”

The Beginning Of The Dream Sequence.

That Appears To Be Peak Of Everest.

 Turning Around Back To Kathmandu.

Dream Sequence Over.

Coming Back Down To Reality.

Thank You For Flying With Buddha Air!