Lassoing Vixen, Eating Blitzen and Riding Rudolph’s Sleigh.

All the reindeer fun one can have with the secrets imparted to me by an enchanting green-eyed Saami boy.

Me: “So enchanting Saami boy how many reindeer do you own”?

Saami : “Never ask a Saami how many reindeer we own. It’s like asking your friends how much money they have”.

Me: Okaaay ! Sorry!!

Riding behind Saami boy to his reindeer village. Hello doggy!

 Through snow trails in the forest.

After less than an hour, I see light.

 Guess what I found! Our restaurant/ heater/ shelter from the cold.

My poor victim. No I did not devour him. All I wanted to do was play.

 Another apprehensive reindeer. I call him Vixen.

Clearly, he wasn’t very amused by my behavior.

Reindeers-3 / Jase-0

“UGHH. I’d ride you instead”. (insert sinister laughter)

It’s all a balancing act gone awry!

but this is too much fun! Again Please!

As the night sets in, Saami boy prepares a meal. Goodbye Blitzen. You had a good run. Literally.

Gathering around campfire while multi-tasker Saami prepares our dinner.

Blitzen showered in LingenBerry sauce and it tastes delicious. After weeks of eating reindeer, it still tastes good.

Washed down with non other than Lingenberry Juice. Time spent here, I have tried Lingenberry everything. On my palette it tastes similar to cranberry.

Good night  Jukkasjarvi! The home of 1000 inhabitants. You have been very generous to me. Thank you.