Moscow From Night Till Dawn.

Melancholy Moscow on a winter’s night is perfectly suited for me. Yet, I don’t feel entirely like myself tonight. My heart feels clenched tight. Could it be the cheap vodka shots I’ve been consuming to stay warm? honest! It was freezing!

With another sprout of recent insomnia settling in (I’m blaming crossing a multitude of time zones and jet lag), my heavy jacket flung unto my back, my laces tied itself and my boots slowly made its way to the cold Kremlin and Red Square. An unexplainable thought ties me here. Could it be I have been here before, many lifetimes ago? The uneasiness of the night bares an uncanny comfort. My eyes see it for the first time, but my memory tells me otherwise. Why is this place so familiar? I set out to explore this place from night till dawn.

 I glide my soles along every granite, every curve. Staring at every glare from the solitary lamp posts.

 Daylight approaches….

 Notice how happy they look. I thought it was time to go and I was finally ready for bed. Good morning Good night army boys.