Exploring Tibet.

After crossing the Nepal immigration and custom formalities at the border of Nepal into Tibet, I was finally on my way to Lhasa, some 700 over kilometers away. My body was put through a lot of pressure, where the altitude ranged between 3650 meters to 5010 meters every day. My throbbing brain struggled with altitude sickness terribly for 12 hours on day three ( nearest hospital was 2 days drive away). There were only a bottle of oxygen left in the car. After going through it I still felt highly uncomfortable. I’ve never encountered this peculiar painful sensation. The driver said there are two types of altitude sickness. One affects the chest and the other one which is fatal affects your head, which was the one that crept up on me. I was feeling healthy, then almost instantaneously, I felt nauseous. The constant thumping of my brain against the same spot on my skull would not dissipate no matter what I tried. I roughed it out in the darkness. When the sun emerged, we were able to travel to a safer altitude down the rocky mountain crevices. As the vehicle traversed, the altitude sickness immediately disappeared. I have never felt more relief. Despite that, this journey still holds true as one of the most scenic places on Earth that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I recall catching glimpses beautiful Yak fur fluttering with the dusty winds when I slightly opened my sleepy eyes during six-hour car rides. Throughout the journey I enjoyed lofty Himalayan peaks, including the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. Images of colored flags, stupas and mystical Buddhist monasteries surprised me when I was least expecting them. The memory of tasting yak butter milk tea offered to me for the first time while trying to keep a polite straight face as my palette was amused with the flavor. Watching the Sherpas herd the furry animals in their intricate wear in the distance, as spiritual pilgrims pray with their bellies pressed to the stony earth chanting their mantras not far away. There are many strong images that are vividly embossed in my memory throughout the 9 day journey. Here are a few of my favorite photos I captured while travelling through Tibet.