The constant place I run to, when I need to find myself. I’ve been here several times throughout the years to find peace and gratitude. If you’ve haven’t already figured out my affinity to this country through all my posts, here is the validation. My wish is to come back to help the locals, when I am successful, to give back to them what they have given me. I could easily disappear in the remote villages for months, just shooting this magnificent land. In fact, I would go as far as to say, the reason I enjoy photographing what I do, is due to Kathmandu, being the very first place I came alone with my camera. No distractions, just time, Kathmandu and I. So much sorrow, beauty, solace, colors, poverty, tenacity and compassion.  Although I felt compelled to change the watermarks on all the photos to the current one to show unity, I have left them, on the photos from years ago, just as they are. It shows when I first began and my growth. There are three different watermarks in this album, I no longer use the first two. My current love is black and white images, but again, I will leave them in color, just as I had originally intended. The early shots are ones at the very beginning. I hope you fall in love with Kathmandu just as I have in all its many facets.