Chasing Aurora Borealis

Diary Excerpt – CHERRY ON THE CAKE

“Most uncomfortable dressed in 7 layers of skin and under ungodly climates, I chased the Northern lights for 6 hours in Tromso Norway only to see a trillion stars but the ever evasive natural phenomenon was nowhere in sight. With hopes almost depleted, I was sure for certain I had traveled all the way to the Arctic Circle to photograph the dark sky. I gathered the little remainder of my faith and attempted another chase the next day. To my utter surprise and delight, with a swivel and a whirl the heavens painted the night canvas with moving waves of colored light. Stopping in my tracks I caught the first glimpse of the mysterious Aurora Borealis. Bizarre and mystical, I was in awe of the spectacle unraveling above me. It danced a quiet rhythm and the stars seem to glow even brighter when it chose to dance. Sometimes it would be humble and just allow me to admire its quiet beauty. Other times, it would sway its flirtatious body showing off its seductive curves.
As luck would have it, I met Aurora again several times chasing it in Norway and Sweden. “

I started the trip in Oslo Norway.

I proceeded to Tromso to chase the Northern Lights.

While in Norway I thought, Why not visit Santa Claus in Finland while I was in the “neighborhood”?

So I did.

I crossed the arctic line by foot. The arctic line is marked by the lamp posts.

I could not end the trip without staying 2 nights in Jukkasjarvi Sweden, at the famous Ice Hotel. A venue like no other. I included some point and shoot snaps for the curious.

Say hello to mum, live on their website.

My first snow angel.


One of the simpler cold rooms. Each room is designed individually by international artists who come months ahead of tourist season to manifest their creations. You better wrap up warm and tight!


Inside the cabins, each room comes with a skylight.

Lets break down what I wore everyday.

1 pair thick woolen socks,

2 pairs of knee-high snow boarding socks,

1 pair of boxer briefs,

1 pair of long johns,

1 long-sleeved t-shirt,

1 long john top,

2 cashmere sweaters,

1 scarf,

1 balaclava

1 ski jacket and pants


1 pair snow boots.

The following are some of my favorites from the two weeks of Chasing Aurora Borealis. I hope you like them.