Pinnawela Sri Lanka- Elephant Orphanage

Human-Elephant Conflicts In Sri Lanka Kill 200 Elephants And 48 Men In 2011


 Sri Lanka Department of Forest Conservation says that 200 elephants and 48 men were killed in the human-elephant conflicts this year. Of these elephants, 75 were killed due to gunshot injuries, says the Deputy Director of the Department W.S.K. Navaratne. Another 22 elephants were killed by food traps laid by farmers and hunters. This explosive laden food detonates when the elephant munches it and the animal receives a painful death.

Located about 80 Km from Colombo, this glorious orphanage rescue elephants from the wild. Most are orphans which have lost their mothers in the jungle, mainly due to poachers which for generations have been hunted and sold for their ivory.

Some are blind and rely solely reliant on the 100 or so locals employed as their care takers.  In one of my images, one elephant is missing a foot due to stepping on a land mine. Within these 24 acres, they roam freely on Maha Oya river at Rambukkana. This organisations relies heavily on donations. To see how you can volunteer or donate to an orphanage like this or another in Sri Lanka you can go to

 I found this dog wanting some of the attention too.

and ….who could refuse to by a banana for the elephants from this kind man?