Cappadocia Turkey

My cave room in Nevsehir for 4 nights. It was chilly but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, I made two new friends, two leeches that resided in the toilet which I affectionately named Noodle and Linguine.

The view from my cave room, It’s always quiet at dawn except for the few pigeons which break the silence.

The following pictures is my take on Cappadocia through the camera lens. In four days I explored as much as I could from underground cities such as Derinkuyu to scenic landscapes over Ihlara Valley. I observed the stunning similarities of Yaprakhisar, with a star wars movie set. As usual, I have only selected my favorites. I did not use a wide angled lens instead opted for my trusted 18-200. Some may  find it more challenging capturing a mood of a landscape without a wide angled lens, but I wanted to sway away from the conventional landscape photos I’ve seen as beautiful as they are, instead focussing on the essence, its soul. With tighter frames, I hope I have encapsulated this magical place in detail.