Statues & Trees of Brugge / Bruxelles / Antwerp – Belgium


There’s just something in the air this World Heritage Site of UNESCO. In the Flemish region of Belgium, Brugge, sometimes referred to at the ‘Venice of the North’ I understood , with its various canals cradling the grand medieval architecture throughout the city, why friends have recommended me here. The following are a few snapshots of my fascination with statues. Trees are abound for special effects. Ha!

My favorite picture from Brugge. The elderly in love and holding hands makes me smile.

Staues after my own heart. It’s terribly unfortunate the shop was closed. My sights was set on the red.

A wreath comes from trees and it caught my eye ; )


So its been said that you have to try the fries, mussels and chocolates from Belgium. So I did. Many times over, while roaming the streets looking for Mannekin Pis. I ventured to a busy crossroad and found him. He was a alot smaller than I had seen in postcards. He was naked today.


Not a statue I know, but its my blog and I can put a picture of another elderly couple if I want to. Have I mentioned I love the elderly? Especially old women, because they remind me of my beloved grand mother.