Israel : The Wailing Wall ( PART 2 – During Summer )

  I arrived for the first time at The Wailing Wall sometime ago in winter where it was deserted with less than 10 people sending their prayers.  It was cold, grey and took me 3 hours to get there. Despite it all I absolutely LOVED it. I promised myself to come back in summer. Six months later, I got the same excited sensation in my belly when I arrived back to the place where I had promised I would return. I photographed non stop, SD card after SD card. I was fixated to watch and absorb the atmosphere through my pores. Whenever I am in a sacred place of worship, no matter the religion, be it at the Bodhnath Stupa in Kathmandu or at Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, the  energy of the sacred space makes the hair on my arms stand. Although I may not call myself a religious person, I am well read in their sacred texts. I stand firm to say it is a human responsibility to understand the different predominant religions. It’s through the understanding of different cultures and beliefs, that one can evolve into a better individual. Through the Buddhist scriptures, The Quran and The Torah, you can decipher what you will from each to begin the journey to understand the ways of the world.

Knowledge Is Power.

So here continues the images I took at The Wailing Wall ( PART 2 – During Summer )

Me at the Wailing Wall.