I often get asked why I do self portraits.

It’s expressing my feelings and thoughts instantaneously into an idea when something inspires me. At times raw and scary, sometimes painful and ugly. If I am sad, I cry, and I photograph. It’s very visceral. It’s honesty. When I learnt how to be honest with myself, then was I able, to channel that into my subjects.

By chance it happens immensely when I listen to music. In my head I play the music video and imagine how the visuals should look like, like a movie set and I am the director.

At 4pm one afternoon, I created this warrior. One who had to fight endlessly to re-enter a land where he had been banished from as a child because he was considered a curse. He was just a boy when he left and in the years of solitude, he grew spikes on his face. One spike for every season that came and went. In anger, no matter how much he craved to hide his true identity, it reveals to him every moment he looked at his reflection. His duality. One of pure innocence. Another of pure vengeance.

This is the shot when the gates of his previous land finally opened. Shadows cast all around him as a light shines through the cracks.

He stood there, bewildered, only for a split second as he recalled the familiarity which had evaded him.