Taking the Mickey

Its been quite a while since I have posted anything as I have been crazy busy. I had several photo shoots but were not excited by any of them. I would rather not post anything than post something that I’m not particularly fond of. As the year draws to a close, I am forced to reflect on the many new years eve that have come and gone. lets see…..

one year in my late teens, I danced to tragic music in a bar in my jocks for pay. I don’t remember much except coming home in the wee hours, brushing my teeth and thought it was quite liberating. The following year I coaxed my ex-partner to give me head just as the clock struck twelve to usher in the new millennium with an orgasm. Add a few in a club somewhere over the years, gyrating to more tragic music, all in all, I must say it was all quite entertaining. But I digress. This year for some strange reason, I thought why not do another self-portrait? Like pregnant mothers who photograph their baby bump every month, I felt a need to do one more of myself before the year is over.  I did not have a great concept, nor did I know how it would turn out. Having been single for over 12 months now, all I knew was that I  am feeling more chilled of late and I wanted to illustrate that. I did the blood pouring down my body look in Jaseus Christ The King after an inspired trip to Jerusalem. I also attempted the grainy black and whites just after the break up in Coming into my own. Then I ventured into a little bit of self loathing and portrayed it in I want so badly to be good. I went quite literally with the next one in my exploration in single hood, based on my response to something someone said to me in So you like it saucy. I also paid homage to a friend who is very close to me in Portrait of Jase and Denise. Warrior was my last self-portrait when I felt so invincible that I could take on anything. Thus began my conquest of the world.

Here are the links to the few I did the year before. Brainwashed , Slave to food ( remixed for your pleasure ) andThe only way is up.

So that leaves the final one for 2012. Like I mentioned, its nothing fancy, nor stylized. Just me in the everyday. It’s different to the other self portraits I’ve done in the past. I took the first thing that caught my eye that was in the closet and wore it. I went straight to the lounge and set up my equipment and switched on the TV. I really did not allow myself any time to think. Just be. It’s not ground breaking, but its me non the less. Another facet. Another mood. Another time.

Taking the Mickey