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In 2015 I started my brand Viaggi By Jase King. I explore and create photo journalism and stylised imagery into wearable art pieces, with plans to expand into home ware and accessories.
I combined my utmost passions of travel with fashion into creating a fashion label that is easily recognisable, unique and fresh. It is through the exploration to remote places off the tourist trail that allows me to immortalise these images which goes into the print design of the statement pieces.
Each piece tells a story and an emotion of the world that we share.

Viaggi By Jase King was launched in Shanghai, on the 4th July 2015, where the entire space was filled wall to wall with images of the world that I photographed. Fashion pieces featuring my images on jackets, scarves, pocket squares, bow ties, hats were available to own. Specially created limited edition items like the cushions and bracelets adorned the “Viaggi Living Room”. It was an art installation, a boutique and a creative space where one is taken on a journey from how I captured the photographs to how it is finally birthed as a signature item that speaks to you in not just as a two dimensional print on paper or canvas, but can be used, worn and adorned. I have since moved to France to expand the brand in Europe. Currently all pieces are available only in Paris. Customers who are not in Paris or Shanghai will have the chance to own a piece through its online retail store when it’s launched.

Future plans include giving back to the world that inspired me, by collaborating with artisans in the hopes to preserve culture and provide fair trade business as well as the giving the platform in getting global awareness about the conservation of skills to create micro-economies for different communities, who depend on this trade and passing on of their generational skills, to sustain their families. Such is the idea of using one of my created prints with handmade techniques by the batik makers of Uluwatu and other similar artisans.
Over time, Viaggi will source known charitable organisations to work closely with and develop pieces to raise money for the subject matter portrayed in the imagery, so when you purchase from us, the proceeds will assist them or their community directly.

Viaggi will also pursue the hospitality industry in providing boutique hotels with furnishings, artwork to give travellers the complete Viaggi By Jase King experience no matter where one travels in the world.

With my aspirations to take Viaggi By Jase King global, a dream of mine is to have the chance to photograph for theUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Throw me off a helicopter, strap me in a bullet proof vest and into the sandstorm of third world countries and calamities to shoot images that will create an awareness for the rest of the World.
“In a passing second, an emotion and a place likely ignored. A story not documented. A tale un-told. Something fleeting, not noticeable unless you focus hard enough. Your eyes hurt with desire. I strive for that moment. When the world around us stops moving and I just focus on you, my momentary muse…
The exchange between our energy. That is the place I want to be.
 Just my fingers on my camera and you.”

– Jase King


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” My goal is to photograph People, People with a story and a tale to tell.” 
He emerged from his mother’s womb into a quaint little suburb in Melbourne, Australia with fond memories of his childhood moving from country to country with his family.
He subsequently spread his wings and lived in Jakarta, Singapore, Chicago and Phuket, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai and currently he splits his time every month living between Paris and Istanbul. 
Mister King is an adventurous Award Winning Photographer turned designer. His first ever exhibition was in Berlin 10 years ago and since then his photographs in campaigns have been shown in the Louvre Museum in Paris as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai. He has been featured in newspapers and magazines in Europe like London and Finland to Hong Kong and Singapore.     
Jase created and launched his own brand Viaggi By Jase King in Paris, a world conscious label that delivers statement pieces combining wanderlust and fashion using his photographs as prints in fresh and unexpected ways. He currently he has travelled to over 150 cities in almost 70 countries visiting over 40 cultures. 
Aside from Viaggi, He continues to exhibit his works often referred to more of an Art Installation Show than a traditional gallery showing and partake in projects close to his heart. 
Some of his pieces are currently being sold in galleries and online in New York City.
Technically trained as a performing artist, his personal photography projects, reflect his love for the theatrics. He photographs travel and fashion for others but his true passion lies in humanitarian issues which surfaces as a consistent theme in most of his work. It is said that your passion finds you. This can’t be more true of this self taught photographer who’s journey throughout the world, left him aching to document what he saw, and while the title photographer suits him fine, he refers to himself as an artist, transforming the photographs he took into garments, home wares and accessories.
On any given day you will find him photographing, painting, writing and performing. All which he derives great illicit pleasures.